Blake Lively for L’Oréal Paris’s MakeUp Line. (x)

"Thank you guys for an incredible first week!! Love, " - Blake Lively posted on @preserve_us.

voyagehome SAID:
Hey, I was wondering where the second picture in your Preserve photoset came from? The one of Blake walking with Baxter. I keep looking through her site hoping to find it and I'm coming up short. :(

Hello! :)  so, the photo appears as an error message. For example: “the page you requested was not found.” You can find this here.
 I hope I have taken your question! xo 

Blake Lively in “”.

Hello! =) Sorry to any of you who’ve been following fake accounts. While this post here is my first on social media, my home will actually be @preserve_us. Hope to see you there!… xx, Blake” - Blake Lively on Instagram.

Blake Lively Official Twitter/Instagram & Facebook Accounts

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Anonymous SAID:
hey. uhm, I LOVE you blog! Can I ask something? can u plz make a psd of the last blake's interview for vogue? please! love you x

Okay, I made this and I hope you like! Here you go.


Blake Lively for US VOGUE. Photographed by Mario Testino.