Blake Lively out for a shopping at ABC Carpet & Home in New York. - October 18.

"Go America! Supporting our girl in her play, Lips Together, Teeth Apart."  - Amber Tamblyn on Instagram,

Blake Lively shopping in SoHo for Baby’s Clothes. October 17.

 Blake Lively Out & About in New York for Shopping Baby’s Clothes.

Blake Lively at God’s Love We Deliver, Golden Heart Awards. October 16, 2014.

I’m normally quite shy about my behind the scenes work at Preserve. But tomorrow we’ll be sharing a special behind the scenes email. If you go on in the next few hours and sign up with your email you’ll get tomorrow’s sneak peak of what goes on behind closed doors with a special (EMBARRASSING) photo and a letter from me. Sorry to only give you a couple hours to sign up! If you guys like it let me know, and we’ll do more. Xx Blake.

.Blake Lively and her baby bump at’s article: Bringing Up Baby.