Interview of Blake Lively for Yahoo!

For Blake Lively there is no such thing as a fashion mistake. 

The actress, who’s moved from small screen stylista courtesy of a little known show called ‘Gossip Girl’ to red carpet darling, has always loved fashion, but she is not one to call out any style slip-ups like what the fashion police are wont to do, particularly in Hollywood.  
“When people ask me, ‘Oh, what’s the greatest fashion mistake or who’s the worst dressed?’—I don’t think there’s such a thing, because it’s representing who you are and how you felt at that moment,” she told Yahoo during an exclusive interview. 
“I think it’s such a shame that people say such a thing as a [fashion] faux pas, because it sort of diminishes creativity in a way…that’s a bummer.” 

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Q: What are you most pround of in life?

"The black and white Gucci dress that I wore with Ryan in Cannes this year. That was a pretty spectacular dress."